Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing

Shortly, a data warehouse is a database used for reporting and analysis. It may sounds simple, however, building an efficient data warehouse, is a complex and long process that requires both deep understanding of the different DBMS architectures, as well as broad functional knowledge of the business area.

More than half of the DW projects failed due to different reasons such as not enough management and financial support, misunderstood business requirements, lack of good specialists, bad warehouse design, and etc.. Owing to this fact through out the entire project we closely monitor all critical success factors. In addition, we believe that there is no right or wrong architecture; we carefully analyse the organization specifics so we can ensure that the data warehouse will exactly cover the client needs.

We have strong experience in designing and building multi-terabyte data warehouses based on Oracle and MS SQL Server. They are the most important part of the reporting system in every company.

ETL Processing

The practical reality of most organizations is that their data infrastructure is made up by a collection of heterogeneous systems. As these systems are designed to support relevant operations, they are often poorly or not at all integrated. The problem is solved by creation of a process of extraction-transaformation-loading (ETL) of their data into a data warehouse.

We provide expertise in data management including: extraction of information from disparate data sources, transformation according to new requirements, enforcing integrity and quality controls for cleaning of erroneous data, loading data into target system, data aggregation, archiving old information, as well as process monitoring. Important part of this process is keeping constant and satisfactory performance so the information is delivered to the users in a timely manner.

In addition, we offer our own data management solution - Lifecycle DM.


Reporting and advanced analytics are final parts of Business Intelligence projects. We create a different reporting system for every our client since we believe that the system must satisfy all (and only) the organization needs.

Depending on the IT infrastructure, we use some of the proven reporting softwares on the market - Actuate, Business Objects, SQL Server Reporting Services, and others. However, our objective is always the same - generation and publishing of reports, and information delivery in various formats to various subscribers by e-mail or other channels. We often implement advanced features such as creation of ad-hoc queries and reports via end-user report builders, dashboards and trend analysis.

In addition, we offer our own reporting and BI solution - Report Express.

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