IT Management and Consulting

IT Project Management

IT project management is a compex and tedious task that requires a lot of knowledge, experience and personal qualities combined together. Usually it is a great challenge to achieve all project goals and objectives on time while balancing the project constraints (scope, time, and budget). Nevertheless, it is a challenge that we face successfully.

Our project tasks could include managing of scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, procurement and risk of big or small IT projects. During our experience we lead teams of IT specialists, we coordiate the work of external and internal resources, and we combine the business requirements with the technical resources. We follow the best PM practices from PMI and PMBOK; at the same time we take into consideration all project and environment specifics. We provide a complete project documentation, including Project chapter, planning documents (work breakdown structure, schedule, budget estimation, quality assurance, resource allocation), project closing documentation, and etc. In addition, we use modern self-tracking systems in order to closely monitor the progress of every step in the project.

Thus, applying various techniques, we succeed in keeping nice working atmosphere and good organization in the project team we manage, while closing the projects successfully on time.

If you are a project manager searching for good consultants, do not hesitate to take advantage of our advice.

Coordination and Advising

Coordination often requires being a mediator between the business users and IT. When business managers treat IT departments as 'the necessary evil' and the IT departments are constantly complaining about the 'always changing and often contrary requirements', we come to the rescue and offer a 'common language' for both side.

We constantly work in partnership with clients, advising them how to properly use information technology in various business areas. We provide proficiency in product selection - assessing the advantages and disadvantages of different products according to the business and technical requirements of the organization, and helping customers to make the right decision.

Owing to our experience and knowledge, and good communication skills, we can easily adapt to different client environments and smoothly cooperate with clients' staff, helping them to achieve their business objectives or overcome their problems.

If your company is planning to kick off a Business Intelligence project, take note that this is our strongest area.

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