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Information is one of the most valuable assets of any organization. However, often it is stored into multiple older and newer systems or the business and IT communities have different views on how to manage it. This leads to difficult situations when there is a need to turn the information into knowledge, but all the organizations have are disparate sources of data. LifecycleDM is a comprehensive data management solution, which helps organizations govern their information assets. More info »

Report Express

Based on the LifecycleDM technology, Report Express is an enterpise reporting and business intelligence solution, covering extraction, transformation and presentation of data. Inheriting all functionality of LifecycleDM, Report Express adds functions for report management – publishing, language and parameter management, on-demand execution, scheduled execution, file formats, subscribers and delivery channels. More info »

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ERP solutions

MSD (Management of Service Delivery) is a complete system for management, daily operation and control in places of services. The system is oriented towards improvement of the most important aspect of these places – the customer servicing. Its versatile use contributes to the automation of the management of wide range of services, including hairdresser’s and beauty parlors, Spa centers, dry cleaning and laundries, stomatological centres. More info »


SolidBase is a highly versatile and scalable ERP platform, which has been streamlined solely around the requirements of business. Customization is the key feature in the SolidBase architecture. The system is built around the idea of being able to easily change depending on the different business requirements. Data is organized by using a single common object called ‘entity’. Every object in the company information infrastructure (e.g. customer, enquiry, invoice, network, web site and so on), can be represented by an entity in SolidBase, each with a custom list of attributes (properties) defined in the entity template. All entities in the system form a hierarchical tree structure. This architecture means that all types of data, functions and processes can be managed through one centralized, highly available web-based interface. SolidBase's versatility maximizes efficiency, whilst reducing development time and cost. More info »

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ProDoc (Project Documenting) is a Web system oriented to organize, manage and document projects. It is a flexible and versatile platform that can be adjusted to any kind of projects. The system organizes documents, events, e-mails, notes, and etc. in one place. With its rich presentation and search layers, ProDoc is an extremely useful tool for project managers, coordinators, analysts and other specialists who do not want to lose track of the thousands of project documents and events. More info »

AIB is an automated system for recurrent extraction and analysis of sport bets from various betting sites. The system performs real-time monitoring of the offered bets from the different bookmakers, compares them, calculates the best coefficients, finds sure and value bets using advanced algorithms. The system offers API for presenting the results in desktop applications or Web sites. More info »

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