About Us

Our services

Some of the main professional services we offer include IT project management and coordination, audit of information systems, organizing and restructuring IT resources, business processes engineering. We have strong experience in systems analysis and design, product selection, risk assessment, and others. We support companies in important IT projects such as implementation of ERP systems, migration/change of core systems, creating middleware (interfases) systems, implementation of Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions.

We try to be a mediator between the business users and IT. When business managers treat IT departments as 'the necessary evil' and the IT departments are constantly complaining about the 'always changing and often contrary requirements', we come to the rescue and offer a 'common language' for both side.

If you would like to get a better idea of our competencies, please, check our Services section.

Our products

We provide expertise in designing, building, deploying and supporting a wide range of customized IT solutions, including complete Web presence, Enterprise Resource Planning systems, Application and Data Integration.

We have built a portfolio of services oriented towards the needs of our customers. We help businesses by providing quality and accurate IT systems.

Our products are versatile and handle a variety of current enterprise problems - both in SMEs and large organizations.

The Products section presents a detailed look of some of our main products.