SolidBase is a highly versatile and scalable ERP platform, which has been streamlined solely around the requirements of business.

Customization is the key feature in the SolidBase architecture. The system is built around the idea of being able to easily change depending on the different business requirements.

Data is organized by using a single common object called ‘entity’. Every object in the company information infrastructure (e.g. customer, enquiry, invoice, network, web site and so on), can be represented by an entity in SolidBase, each with a custom list of attributes (properties) defined in the entity template. All entities in the system form a hierarchical tree structure.

This architecture means that all types of data, functions and processes can be managed through one centralized, highly available web-based interface. SolidBase’s versatility maximizes efficiency, whilst reducing development time and cost.

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SolidBase Queues

SolidBase Queues is a standard module of the platform, which offers a complete work-flow and information management solution.

Following the basic concepts of SolidBase, a queue is a container for similar items, such as tasks, enquiries, quotations, invoices, support calls, backups, anti-virus scans, site visits, etc. Each individual item within the queue represents an appropriate activity.

Every queue item shares similar properties, such as ID, Start Date, Due Date, Assigned to, Last Modified Date, Status & Priority. These properties allow all queue items to be tracked anywhere within the system.

Queues provide both the organization and its customers with a completely transparent system to operate from. Every item can be easily tracked from within the system, and this means that customers can easily follow-up on any organization activity associated to their company profile.

Ultimately, this allows all communications and service delivery to pass seamlessly through the system, informing the customer of every step of the organization activities related to them. Queues also provide organization’s employees with an advanced management solution that guarantees an extremely high-level of communication and service-delivery throughout.

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Usage Scenarios

Due to its versatile architecture, SolidBase can be applied to a multitude of requirements.

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Technical Foundation

SolidBase is a .NET based technology consisting of the following components:

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Case Studies

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System Requirements


Hardware Intel x86-compatible 32 / 64 bit

Platform Windows Server 2000 / 2003 with Microsoft .NET Platform Runtime

Database Server Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005

Web Server Internet Information Services 5 / 6


Web Browser Modern web browser on any platform

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