Report Express


Powered by the integrated LifecycleDM technology, Report Express is a reporting/business intelligence solution covering:

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Feature Overview

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Technical Foundation

For its back-end, Report Express tightly integrates with LifecycleDM’s architecture by extending its metadata model with reporting-specific entities. Report Express also reuses the application server architecture of LifecycleDM, but it adds additional components – the Portal web application and the Report Generation Web Service (RGWS). RGWS turns Report Express into a SOA solution, which is able to interoperate with various systems on different platforms by exposing a standardized web service interface for generation of reports. Report Express is a container for third-party report generation tools. Currently, the ReportingEngines (Actuate) Formula One tools – e.Report Engine and e.Spreadsheet Engine – are used in the background to provide generation of rich report content in multiple file formats. Report Catalog is a small web-based application that provides the end-users with an access to the generated reports according to their location, department and position. This additional tool vastly decrease the number of connections to the Report Express.

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Case Studies

In 2007, Société Générale Expressbank (Bulgaria) has migrated to a new core banking information system. As part of this project RCC Solutions deployed Report Express to cover the regulatory, management and other reporting based on daily extracted data from the core banking system's database.

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System Requirements


Hardware Intel x86-compatible 32/64 bit

Operating System Windows / UNIX / Linux

Database Server Oracle 9i / 10g

Application Server Any J2EE Application Server (BEA WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss or other)

Additional Software Actuate Formula One reporting engines


Web Browser Modern web browser on any platform

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