ProDoc (Project Documenting) is a Web system oriented to organize, manage and document projects. It is a flexible and versatile platform that can be adjusted to any kind of projects and it will help you not lose track of the thousands of project documents and events. Whether you are a project manager, coordinator, analist, technical or business consultant, software developer, or other specialist - if you participate actively in a project, ProDoc can be an invaluable tool. The system is useful for everyone who:

The system in one place organizes documents, events, correspondence, notes and any other data. The information is divided into so-called objects, the users can adjust these objects in order to match the project characteristics. Thus the system can simultaneously be used for projects of various kinds.

The most important function of such a system is to quickly provide the users with the necessary information. Therefore, the most significant features of ProDoc are intuitive user interface and powerful search engine. Objects that relate to a given project can be easily viewed by date, by type or attributes. Moreover, some intelligent algorithms ensures precise search by description, by tags, by attribute values or document names. There is a built-in search even within the documents.

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Usage Scenarios

Basically the users configure themselves what to store and organize in ProDoc. This means that the possible scenarios for system use are limitless. Below, we will give five examples of implementations of the system, but note that list is far from complete, it only hint its wide range of uses:

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Technical Foundation

ProDoc is a Joomla! based system, the end-user and administration parts are capsulated as a component. In order to use the system you need an HTTP server (such as Apache) with PHP and MySQL.

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