Information is one of the most valuable assets of any organization. However, often it is stored into multiple older and newer systems or the business and IT communities have different views on how to manage it. This leads to difficult situations when there is a need to turn the information into knowledge, but all the organizations have are disparate sources of data.

LifecycleDM is a comprehensive data management solution, which helps organizations govern their information assets. Some of the advantages of the product include:

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Usage Scenarios

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Technical Foundation

LifecycleDM’s architecture is based on the concept of integrating the data processing engine into the relational database management system. LifecycleDM consists of two main components:

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Case Studies

In 2007, Société Générale Expressbank (Bulgaria) has migrated to a new core banking information system. As part of this project RCC Solutions deployed LifecycleDM as part of the Report Express system for daily extraction, transformation and loading data from the core banking system’s database to a database specifically designed for the needs of regulatory and management reporting. LifecycleDM is also used to ‘feed’ other systems directly by loading data into their databases, or through the generation of interface files.

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System Requirements


Hardware Intel x86-compatible 32/64 bit

Operating System Windows / UNIX / Linux

Database Server Oracle 9i / 10g

Application Server Any J2EE Application Server (BEA WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss or other)


Web Browser Modern web browser on any platform

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