AIB is an automated system for recurrent bet extraction and analysis from various betting sites. The system performs real-time monitoring of the offered sporting bets from the leading bookmakers - BetFair, Bet365, BetClic, BWin, SportingBet, Unibet, Bet-at-home, and others. Since all sites present their information differently, in different categories, with different bet types, and even different team names, some advanced parsing algorithms are implemented in the system core.

The system parses and compares the bets, matches all bets on same games, and calculates the best odds for each game. In addition, it is able to find sure bets (bets with guaranteed profit) and value bets (bets with higher probability for profit). Thus the AIB users have a complete view of the market so they can make the best decisions on where and what to bet on.

The data, parsed and analysed by the system, can be accessed by API so the results could be presented in desktop applications or Web sites. Example of such web site, based on AIB, is

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Usage Scenarios

To have real-time data about sporting bets on the market opens many invaluable applications. With this information the users are able to:

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Below are some of the most important features of the system:

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Technical Foundation

The back-end of AIB is a JAVA application that could be installed as a service in order to achieve 24x7 monitoring.

The front-end of AIB could be any Desktop or Web application that is based on the system API. Example web site:

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